4 Ways Realtors Are Using Live-Streaming Video to Market Properties and Build Their Brand



Have you taken a glance at your Facebook newsfeed this year? Video has taken over. Step-by-step recipe clips, Buzzfeed comedy sketches, paid commercials, and, of course, those adorable clips of your friends’ pets.

The rise of video on Facebook isn’t coincidence. It’s central to Mark Zuckerberg’s long-term vision for the world’s largest social media platform. The Facebook CEO told developers last year that he expects, by 2020, the majority of content on Facebook to be video. Beyond that, more immersive content like virtual reality and augmented reality will take over.

In April, Facebook joined Periscope, and YouTube as a major player in the live-streaming video market with the public launch of its Facebook Live tool. Since then, tens of thousands of Facebook users have gone live with broadcasts, some of which have gone viral, like the Chewbacca mask lady and the gripping live feed of the Dallas police shooting spree.

Understandably, real estate agents have been hesitant to integrate live-streaming video into their marketing arsenal. Being on camera can be intimidating. Being live on camera makes everyone nervous, but after you overcome the initial fear its actually really fun and easy to do! Not to mention extremely cheap to execute.

We found several Realtors who are early adopters of Facebook Live to see how they are leveraging the live-streaming video tool. Here are four ways that Realtors are broadcasting live to market properties and build their brands:


For example I was looking through Facebook Live videos Just last week, and an Australian real estate agent Zac McHardy hosted a live, 25-minute Q&A session with prospective buyers during an open house in Geebung, a suburb of Brisbane. McHardy fielded questions both from online viewers and visiting home shoppers during the broadcast, and incorporated commentary and details on the home in between inquiries. He was careful to alert visitors of the Facebook Live stream and offered a path for them to stay off camera. McHardy says the experiment was a success, with five offers on the property, including one from the live video feed.







Before you list a property or host an open house, realtors can go live with a 5-10-minute personal tour of the home and surrounding amenities. You can pack a ton of information into your tours, weaving together key details and personal commentary on the property. Your tone should be professional yet really casual, because thats people like. Invite them to view the home in person, or send you a direct message for more information. With this type of video, it would be useful to have a 2nd person record you so you can walk around and show the property without worrying about holding the cellphone steady (Pro-Tip: use the comment section as much as possible, because many buyers might have the same questions, so you can provide more details in the comment section)








As a Realtor “Business Page” and a Facebook User “Personal Profile” you should be utilizing Facebook Live to broadcast your own “check-ins” from your properties and showings. You can mix it up using your personal and professional pages (if you are okay with promoting on your personal page) Your videos should be short, fun, and informal with some even including cameos featuring people in your personal life like your kids or friends. So next time you stop by the property to drop something off, or give a private showing, utilize that extra 5-minute to pull out your cellphone and get some video footage yourself. (Pro-Tip: this is the time to promote your property and these little mini-commercials can be saved and viewed later)







Realtors should use Facebook Live to educate your prospective clients on the final walkthrough process, and other first/second time home buyers. You can actually Live Stream a walkthrough if you have a client agree (or before the buyers have arrived), offering home buyers tips and advice on the post-contract process. This is really important because your prospective clients will get a first hand look at how the whole process happens, they will be excited to experience it for themselves. This method is about being informative but also creating excitement around buying a home. (Pro-Tip: feature one of your best homes, but also give general tips that you’ve experienced, and issues that first-time home buyers should watch out for)






In the coming months, it’s likely that we’ll see many more real estate professionals embrace Facebook Live, just as they have adopted Twitter’s Periscope and Snapchat. For help getting started with the tool, check out Facebook’s tips and tricks page. In addition, there’s a host of articles and how-to guides on maximizing Facebook Live for real estate. Simply enter the terms “Facebook Live, real estate” in your Facebook search bar and enjoy!