How Facebook Ad Timing Can Boost Your ROI BIG TIME!



Every good marketer wants to know – when’s the best time to post on Facebook? Luckily, analytics gurus and social media pros alike have jumped on the question – and they’ve found some interesting answers.

For example – according to Hubspot’s Dan Zarella, the most productive time to share things on Facebook is on Saturday at noon (Eastern Time). There’s also a considerable spike again at 6:00pm CST Everyday. This would make sense because this follows parallel to popular times on mainstream television, etc. People are off work and looking to be entertained,interact with friends on social media, shop for products, and get hungry from watching short-food videos!  As to how often you should post, the consensus seems to be that once every one-two days gets the best results. (but you should be running Advertising in the background, See: Facebook Dark Posts)




But that’s not all there is to Facebook timing. Specific industries have shown better results when they post on different days of the week. Retail industries have the highest engagement on Sundays and the lowest on Fridays, while business and finance industries get their peak around midweek. There’s a GREAT Slideshow by BuddyMedia that shows some detailed info by industry, check it out! (BuddyMedia

With this in mind, different types of Facebook posts – and even how you post them – get different levels of interaction depending on when you share them. 

Getting the Most Out of Facebook Timing

  • Want to post an important news story? 11:00 am to 4pm is the best possible window for any major news concerning your brand. Facebook gets a great deal of attention before, during and slightly after lunch, as well as after business hours. Remember – use this rule of thumb as a starting point, and then test different posting times to see what works best for you. Oddly enough most engagement happens outside of normal business hours. 
  • Want to make sure your post makes it into your friends’/fans’ “Top News” section? Use words like “limited time”, “today” and “exclusive”. These words get the attention of Facebook’s proprietary EdgeRank technology and increase the likelihood that your news will make it to the top of feeds.
  • When posting images or videos (particularly any fan-made ones), be sure to tag people. Remember that you can only tag 30 people, so make it count by tagging folks you know would be most interested in your announcement. The same applies for writing notes. To help prevent note spamming, turn off the automatic feed option on your Facebook wall.
  • When they’re not busy, people have more time to stay up-to-date on relevant industry news and other things they’re interested in. That’s why you shouldn’t discount after-hours posts thinking they simply won’t be noticed – when in fact, they get more likes and comments than posting at other times.





The “Best Time” is the Time Your Target Audience is Most Active

Like every post about the “best time to _____” (send email, tweet, etc.), it no longer becomes the “best time” when you have a lot of people all shoveling messages to their followers and fans at the same time, so do your homework and test. The best option is to always be testing with your own audience and see what kind of responses you get – and when!


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