How to market your business using Fiverr Gigs!



I absolutely love Fiverr and I know that many people feel the same way. There are also a lot of people who absolutely have no idea what Fiverr is because I ask small business owners daily and they always say no. Most graphic designers and creatives hate it because they feel that it devalues their work, but for the low budget startup business it can be a godsend. Over the past few years I have mastered how to market your business using Fiverr Gigs and here are some tips below on how I saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time marketing my brands.

So what is Fiverr? is a freelance website that was founded by entrepreneurs in February 2010, and the site became an immediate success offering $5 services called “gigs”. However, if the seller of those gigs has consistently received good ratings, then he or she has the option of adding extra features for $10, $20 or even $50. If you are a business owner, online entrepreneur or marketing manager looking for quick and affordable solutions, then Fiverr might have the perfect gig for you.

Why is Fiverr so great?

Inexpensive and High Quality Outsourcing – If I have gotten a lot of work to do, and it is too overwhelming for me to complete it on my own, I just outsource it! It’s cheap (even if I have to pay for the extras, still cheaper than hiring a virtual assistant). Or if I don’t want to, or do not know how to do something myself, I turn to Fiverr for help. However, if you are going to outsource any kind of work to a Fiverr seller, be sure to check ratings first and make sure it doesn’t look like scam… use some common sense!

If I am working on a project and I find out at the last minute that I need a graphic design for something, I will immediately turn to Fiverr and find a high quality seller who has a quick turn around time (that is important to read too if you need something rushed) and purchase the gig. Take the time to check multiple gigs and don’t commit right away because the minute you do you’ll find a gig you wish you got instead!

Here are 5 of the Top Fiverr Gigs I recommend you check out to get started…

Get a Logo Design for $5 – this is perfect if you are just getting started

Mention Your Brand or Business on My Blog – these are perfect for a quick promotions to share

Website Banner Image for $5 – do you need quick graphics?

Create Business Cards + 2 Designs for $5 – if you need business cards or flyer designs, Fiverr is the best place

Gigs to avoid: websites & traffic, SEO gigs, social media likes/followers, unlicensed products, and basically anything that looks like there’s no way it could be $5… don’t waste your time. 


Eliminate Micro-Tasks That We Hate Doing – This was something that took me years to discover… how much time was spent doing micro-tasks that do not add huge value to your business, but are absolutely necessary. It does take a little trial and error to find a good virtual graphic designer or task assistant, but when you do you’ll wonder where they have been all your life.

I found these types of Gigs to be super beneficial in my weekly micro-tasks…

Rewrite Your Blog Article for Better SEO – this is nice if you don’t know about Keyword Optimization

Write 500 Words on Any Topic – in case you aren’t a writer, there are a lot of freelance writers out there!

Find Creative Writers on Fiverr – I’ve used these services with great success in the past


Buy Simple Template Style Marketing Pieces – its no secret, that many of these Gigs are copy and paste your logo or design, a.k.a “templates” and that’s okay! You don’t go to if you have a huge budget and can afford custom designs from a top marketing firm (like Interactive Media, wink wink), you go to Fiverr for quick simple solutions like a promotion flyer, Christmas Logo, or Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Creation. This is one of the best tips how to market your business during seasonal times on a low budget.

I love season graphic design gigs, but these types of offers might be just what you need right now…

Get an awesome FLYER, BUSINESS CARD, OR BANNER – get graphics made easy and affordable

Create an Inforgraphic – people love these and they can be packed with a lot of value


Great Source of Social Media Gigs, Promotions, Influencer Marketing, and Video Testimonials – if you are looking for a social media boost or video testimonials from professional speakers, Fiverr has the gig for you. I have found that Explainer Video Gigs are awesome too!

Here are some random types of gigs I like to use and I recommend you to check out…

Find Spokespeople & Testimonials – these can be both audio and video, and comments on websites

Amazing Video Testimonial in HD – she is great and has tons of good reviews

Get a professional voicemail IVR greeting – this gig is great for small business who needs a good voicemall

Awesome Video Explainer – these are great if you have a simple product concept that needs a video


Fiverr Has Some AWESOME Gigs for Your Personal Life Too – I’m talking about prank videos, funny pics, and creative edits to family portraits. You can find so many cool and unique services that people all over the world offer.

Check these out! And do some exploring on your own…

Morgan Freeman Impersonator for Audio Recordings – this guy does a GREAT impersonation.

PERSONALIZED Family Tree Print Art Poster – this is pretty cool!



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