Onsite Strategy & Execution Meetings to Grow Your Business!

Business Success Academy



Over the past few years I have met with many business owners in all types of industries ranging from start-ups to mature businesses with consumer products, mobile software, real estate, just to name a few. In order to better serve my clients, I’m offering a great opportunity for individual business owners or small teams wanting to grow more awareness, increase brand engagement, and generate more sales in 2017. What I’m offering is a 3-Month Consulting & Strategy Package consisting of on-siteĀ 1-on-1 consulting, or with your small team. In these meetings that I facilitate, we analyze what you are doing right and where there may be opportunities. Next we quickly create a roadmap for success, filled with proven strategies based on your unique business needs. Then lastly, we execute, and start collecting the necessary data for future scaling and growth of your business.


With our consulting packages you also get the added value of employee training and efficiencies, with the potential of increased ROI of our marketing budget. Although we can do all the work for you, we want to help benefit you and/or your team in the long run. The areas we focus on are: financial analysis, marketing plans, advertising, budgeting, product launches, digital marketing strategies, brand management, and lead generation. Our sessions can range from 1-Hour, weekly meetings to half-day

Our consulting packages range from $1,000 – $5,000 a month, depending upon your needs. These packages are more appropriate for those businesses generating well over $10,000+ a month in sales and looking to grow their customer base or online presence.

Please send us a message including your email and phone number to schedule a free consultation.