Innovating with a Digital & Media Mindset
We are a boutique digital transformation consultancy and development company.

Interactive Media Inc. located in Springfield, IL. is an online marketing and business development company with a small team specializing in web development, online advertising, data analysis, project and social media management. We’ve been involved with local businesses across many industries for over 12+ years providing digital marketing, websites, consultancy and ad management for brands with annual advertising budgets of all sizes.

Websites & Apps

We offer technology solutions including mobile friendly responsive websites, e-commerce, and apps.

Marketing & Advertising

We work with you to manage your marketing, social media, creative content, advertising, and all aspect of your advertising campaigns.

Content & Branding

We can manage all your creative content as well. We create affordable graphics, photos, videos, or drone shots for your business or promotion.
We Provide Flexible IT & Marketing Services

We focus on small-to-medium size companies and organizations with our flexible services. We help you maximize your marketing budgets.

Monthly Management Plans

Not all companies are the same, but most have very similar needs when it comes to their marketing or websites. Because of that, we offer affordable Monthly Marketing Packages that include both creative content and management. Packages start at $500/month.

Startup Business Packages

Just getting started with your business or website project? That’s where we thrive and love to meet clients in their early stages of development or before a grand opening. After meeting dozens of business owners and companies at different stages of their business cycles, we make the most impact at the very beginning. We don’t try and sell you anything and we truly become a service partner in your business. 

Flexible "On-Demand" Team

We know that every business and industry is different, so why should every pricing and payment plan be the same? That’s why we make our services available “On-Demand” if you aren’t ready to commit to a longer term contract or your marketing budgets are seasonal. After working with all types of businesses, we realize this is the preferred method for most situations.  

Meet Our Team

Our Team partners with businesses across every major industry to make amazing things happen and connect the dots between people, technology, and business opportunities.

Eric Broughton

Founder & CEO

Francisco Saravia

Co-Founder & CTO

Jessica Powell

Project Assistant
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