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We helped a local church take their sermons online with a new website!

A local church reached out to us because their website hadn’t been updated in years and needed a new mobile friendly design. They figured this type of website work would cost thousands of dollars, like it did in the past, but that’s a thing of the past. We got their website finished quickly and within their limited budget. Now they are able to offer so much with our simple website solution. They can do everything from posting church updates, adding videos and audio copies of their sermons, and grow their email list for their newsletter.

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Case Study: Oceans Apparel

We not only design and build custom websites and mobile apps, we create solutions for your business! We are super excited for a recent major project we have been working on with one of our clients. This project included an apparel creator, a custom designed POS App for iPad, Website, Admin Dashboard website for the client and staff to manage apparel inventory and track sales, and lastly Apps for both iOS and Android for customers to download and skip the order lines for this on-site event apparel printer.


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