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Interactive Media Inc. was founded in Springfield, IL. We are an online marketing and business development company with a small team specializing in web development, online advertising, data analysis, project management, and social media management. We’ve been involved with many local start-ups and businesses for over 10 years providing digital marketing, websites, and ad management for brands with annual advertising budgets of all sizes!




Eric Broughton


Founder & CEO, Eric Broughton is a former college athlete, financial analyst, and project manager, turned online entrepreneur and business consultant with a strong track record of delivering top performance. With over 12+ years of experience in online product selling, digital marketing, project management, financial analysis, web design, team leadership, and business management, you can rest assured that your next project or marketing campaign will be a huge success! Eric also co-founded The Incubator.



1389-iamediaincCo-Founder & CTO, Francisco Saravia is a driven, curious, and innovative bilingual technologist and entrepreneur. Passionate about technology and how the web, social media, computer and mobile devices work together. Co-Founder of The Incubator, FitTube, Springfield Daily & many more Start-Ups. An effective and engaging presenter, has a great understanding of the Smartphone user-device interaction, as he was trained and certified by Marketstar & Google. Francisco is also a beta tester for Google Maps, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google, Facebook, Instagram.


1391-iamediaincProject Assistant, Jessica Powell¬†is a determined student of the human mind, and how it works, especially when it comes to buying decisions both online and offline. With a B.S. Psychology and an extreme attention to detail, Jessica brings more to the table then just account and project management, she’s a true leader. She is also an avid health and fitness enthusiasts and in her free time you can catch her working out or attending yoga classes to unwind from the daily grind.



We also work with preferred local partners, professional videographer teams, and freelancers, to ensure our clients get the BEST service for their budget and needs.